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The best technology to purify the air you breathe in your home and office is now available.

We have designed an air purifier that is effective in eliminating Coronaviruses* at


* Tests carried out at the Pharmacy and Biotechnology laboratories of the University of Bologna, Italy – Alma Mater Studiorium

The same device purifies the air from allergens and pollutants with maximum effectiveness, up to


I breathe safely

Safetily® has developed SpazioSafe™, the air purifier capable of destroying viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19, with an effectiveness of 99.998% demonstrated by tests carried out by the University of Bologna, Italy, Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology.

SpazioSafe™ has a double function: in addition to sanitizing the air of every home and work environment, inactivating viruses and bacteria, it purifies it at the same time also from fine dust and allergens. Thanks to its exclusive AmbienteSafe™ technology, you can have your room always sanitized and purified.

Operating in the presence of men and pets, it guarantees you clean and sanitized air in your indoor spaces all day, in an absolutely safe way. SpazioSafe™ protects you 24/7 from bacterial and viral air contamination, even in places frequented by many people.

Compact and powerful

SpazioSafe™ has compact dimensions and is very powerful: it sanitizes 180 mc of air every hour, ideal for home environments, shops, bars, offices, clinics, hotel rooms, classrooms, etc.

You can define the frequency of sanitization and purification of your environment based on its size and the presence of objects and people, based on the tables that we will provide you when purchasing the appliance.

Our exclusive AmbienteSafe™ technology is tested, certified, safe and highly efficient. In addition to destroying Coronaviruses at 99.998%, it captures ultrafine gases and particles in the air, destroys formaldehyde and manages in no time to purify the air from household pollutants, allergens and fine dust, protecting you and your loved ones, your pets, your customers and your work colleagues.

Portable and effective

SpazioSafe™ is the result of extensive research on the most performing materials and technologies in air treatment. His performances are ideal in many contexts.

Quiet and efficient, light and compact, it is a concentrate of technology that you can easily transport from one room to another in your home, office and holiday home. It has a reduced electricity consumption and respects the environment.

Our researchers and experts have managed to achieve the maximum in the fight against Coronavirus and indoor pollutants, while the designers have studied a robust and compact shell with a large display that shows in real time the temperature and the relative humidity of the environment. The control functions of the device can be selected simply by touching the front display.

SpazioSafe™ is designed to help you breathe better air, to eliminate bacteria and viruses, but also volatile organic compounds, pollen and mold, ensuring a healthier home and work environment.

Improve your quality of life

Indoor air is among the most relevant risk factors for health: according to data from the World Health Organization, the air we breathe inside our homes and in the workplaces can be up to 5 times more polluted than outside.

Many chronic diseases and unfortunately also deaths are related to different aspects of indoor air quality. Combustion processes related to food cooking and tobacco smoke, dust and gases generated by building materials and furniture, biocides emitted by incorrectly managed air conditioning systems, allergens deriving from detergents and dusts, molds and pollutants from the outside all constantly undermine our health.

We must act to protect the health of our loved ones and ourselves. The dangers related to air are invisible: pollution and viruses spread indoors. In winter it is not always possible to ventilate the rooms, as it is not recommended for those who live in densely trafficked places because they would enter through the windows polluting highly harmful to health. Equipping yourself with a highly efficient indoor air purifier and sanitizer is the right solution, as also indicated by many scientific studies and recommendations from governmental bodies.

SpazioSafe™ is perfect for domestic and working environments, ensuring an absolute level of air purification and sanitization with the maximum performance available on the market. One device, two fundamental functions to breathe safely and live better.